Our Company


The first three letters "PLE" mean Patrick Lindfors Engineering. Word "Mechanics" describes what we do. Hence the name PLE-Mechanics.


Founded in January 5th 2004 by Patrick Lindfors. Company's original name was P. Lindfors Engineering. Only the founder Patrick Lindfors worked there on that time.

Soon the company started to grow and in October 1st 2007 company became limited liability company (ltd). 

In December 7th 2010 company registered marketing name PLE-Mechanics in order to have better name for marketing purposes.



The best word to describe our staff is a team. Atmosphere within our team is excellent and we work well together. Average age in our team is well under 40 years and average work experience is over 10 years. Each member of our team has a degree in engineering.


Our clients mainly come from electronic industry. Products which our clients usually have, contains electronics and precision mechanics.